Bacon Soap!  That's what we need PK!

Please note my friend Bearman on Hope's coffee cup.  Bearman is hosting a charity month this month and by including his mug on my mug I am boosting his donation.

Meanwhile on the home front... this week was fraught with technical difficulties. I have been having lots of trouble with lag on the laptop when I am colouring the comics (one of the many reasons I go for flat colour instead of shading).  Then this week my hard drive started to act up and the result was a complete wipe of the drive and reinstall. 

I know I’m going to have to get a new machine at some point, but the funds just aren’t there to do it. I would also love a Cintique too… but clearly the laptop comes first.  I am going to have get down to it and set up my Patreon account and hope to get some supporters to help me fund a new machine so I can improve the comic.

But the question is  - what to give as rewards for supporters?

What would you like as a reward for supporting Hope and Harry?


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