As a rule of thumb, the metaphors for your life should not be edible. 

Piper is having some full-on adult-sized stress and that's OK.  We all get that sometimes. I am certainly feeling the pressure of stress myself this month, but we almost always come out with a successful outcome, and when we don't at least we learn from it.

I have been so busy lately that I woke up in a full panic thinking that Halloween was this week and I had nothing ready for it. Clearly, my brain is trying to get me to plan ahead, or at least panic early.

How has your October been?

Hey if you are interested in seeing something new you should consider contributing to my Patreon.

I’m starting a new collaboration with a writer friend on a cool sci-fi story and pages will be posted there as I complete them.  Patreon supporters also get advanced comics and get exclusive content like my grown-up comic "Mornings with Cletus" which is only available there.  Also, Patreon supporters will get to see all the cool stuff I make just for fun, or to sell at places like Comic Expo.

See you there!

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