This weeks it’s the metaphor for Hope’s life.  Sometimes things we think are small obstacles can become huge in a big hurry.

I started this comic when there were leaves on the trees, but it only took a few windy days to strip all the branches and leave us (see what I did there) with new kid trees.  Just in time for SpookyNight.

There won’t be a comic next week as there is a lot of family stuff happening this week and I”m a bit too run down to add the stress of getting a comic out to all the other things that are happening.  But I will be back with comics the next week!

Take care out there in the scary world my friends. Be kind to others and do something to help someone else along.

Hey if you are unhappy about missing the comic next week you should start contributing to my Patreon. I will be posting stuff, drafts of comics, and drawings from the comics class I’m teaching there.  Patreon supporters also get advanced comics and get exclusive content like my grown-up comic "Mornings with Cletus" which is only available there.  Also, Patreon supporters will get to see all the cool stuff I make just for fun, or to sell at places like Comic Expo.

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