Piper is full of regret (and deep fried Oreos) and the two are definitely connected!

Welcome to what for many people is the first real week of January. School is probabaly back in session where you are.  The office that was running at half speed last week is full speed this week and we are all still a little reluctant to admit that holidays are over.

I was looking at some conversations on social media last week about using your children for internet content. One woman said that even though her child has asked her to remove postings about her, the writer has chosen not to because she wants to keep using that inspiration in her writing.

To be clear I only post things that my kids approve of.  I have had many a great comic idea shot down by the Nerdchildren because it hit too close to home.  Many of the comics I make have at least a starting point in something truthful, but generally diverge wildly from that first snippet of truth.  But even if the comic is not fully truthful it is still a reflection of my life with my family.  So their boundaries are always sacred to me.

What do you think?  How far do we respect the boundaries of others in creative work?

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