Artist Kathleen Ralph

Who would have thought that in my mid forties I’d be a full time mom and a full time university student getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual studies? Yet here I am.

After a couple of decades of working in an corporate environment and making art for myself, and eventually moving on to sell to private collectors, I felt that I had learned as much about making art as I could on my own. My children were both enveloped in full time education and I felt that it was time for me to go back and get the degree that had eluded me as a young woman.

Now I am deep into my studies at the University of Calgary learning new facets of art all the time. From drawing to printmaking I'm trying it all, and growing as an artist every semester.

Of course pursuing this serious phase of study isn't all I am interested in. I am also fascinated with illustration, story-telling and how those can work together. That is what Hope and Harry is all about, little chunks of family life that will amuse you, or make your think, or even better, remind you of the weird and funny moments in your own family.

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