Hey, we all deal with that negative voice sometimes.  At least I hope I'm not the only one, otherwise that voice is right about me!  

Sometimes I do lack confidence, despite working really hard and getting lots of affirmation from my friends and coworkers. It's something that we talk about at work all the time.  To counteract one negative experience you need twelve positive ones. That's a lot of weight on the negative!  So don't forget to give your creative friends (all your friends really) some positive feedback.  they might have a hard time accepting it, but it will mean a lot anyway.

Speaking of positive feedback - If you like the comic and/or want to support my creative efforts why not hop over to my Patreon and get the inside scoop on my creative process, get Patreon exclusive art and advance viewing of the comic?  

Finally  - It's Comic Expo Cameo Time!  Thanks Odessa, Frank and April Mae for letting me draw you badly.  I am rewarding you by drawing you badly again!

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