Who are Hope & Harry?


Hope and Harry is a semi-autobiographical comic about my family. Hope is a lot like me, except probably better, kinder, and more patient. Harry is a lot like my husband, except not quite as funny or good looking. Hope and Harry have two daughters and a cat just like my husband and I do, and many of the things that happen to them are based loosely on things that actually happen to our kids, their friends, our family friends or more often than I would like to admit, just made up by our family over dinner.

Hope and Harry is a comic that really celebrates the lives of families and the funny and strange things that happen to them. It’s all about busy schedules, unpredictable pets, unexpected catastrophes and the world of children’s imagination. I hope you will stop by for a coffee and a cookie and be ready to listen to Claire and Piper tell you all about their latest adventure.


Sometimes you find your destiny, and sometimes it's assigned to you by a fortune cookie.

This is based on a real fortune cookie my Piper got at dinner on Friday night.  I thought it was custom made for a comic.

I will be posting a time lapse video of the creation of this comic on my Patreon feed later this week - supporters of my Patreon get to see the comic early and get bonus content like videos, and comics that I make only for that platform.  Why don't you come join us? 

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