The Mid-Winter Suck is that time between New Year's and the End of February when there are no holidays and snow has turned to ice, and everything looks grey.  The snow is hard and full of gravel and the car is filthy and gets my work clothes dirty every time I enter or exit, but it's still too slushy/cold to properly wash it.

It's the time of year when inspiration flies away, and takes any ambition and drive I have away with it.

But I'm making comics anyway.  Because if there is one thing I have learned about the Mid-Winter Suck it's that it will eat up my time and leave me feeling even worse, and I would rather try to make things, even crappy things, than let the Mid-Winter Suck win.

So here it is my friends.  This weeks crappy comic.  Let me know how you battle the winter blues in the comments. And if you enjoy Hope and Harry, consider buying me a coffee at Ko-fi ( http://ko-fi.com/kathleenr )



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