Hope is continuing her journey to being healthier. However this is a little out over her depth.

This is based on my manger asking me to start attending a lunchtime fitness class with her in January of this year. I felt about as comfortable in that class as cat in a dog kennel.

We have started the Calgary Comic Expo cameos and our first Mustafa, who showed up at my table in a super man suit - with no padding. He seemed like the perfect man for this job. Thanks for letting me draw you badly at Expo and only slightly better here Mustafa.

Behind the scenes:  I didn't post last weekend even though I had intended to.  I had so much on the long weekend with my kids and doing awesome long weekend things that the time just got away from me and then it was short week at work with a ton of stuff taking my time and I staggered home (usually late) every night and just collapsed. So here I am trying to get back on schedule!  Have a great week my friends. 

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