Who me

Fall is fully underway and so are classes at the university.  Hope still hasn't fully gotten the hang of her new job, but she has an awesome boss and co-workers who we are meeting as time goes by.

Personally I'm a bit of a nervous public speaker.  But teaching classes helps that.  It does give you more confidence.  I'm only scared for the first half of class now - instead of the whole class.

Today's Calgary Comic Expo cameos are Katie, Kendall, Kayla and Hansika who are all students in the last panel of this comic.  Thanks for letting me draw you badly twice ladies.

Speaking of teaching I'm teaching a brand new class on Making Comics with the University of Calgary and it starts on Oct4.  There is still time to sign up so why don't you.  Our first lesson is on drawing tacos and if that isn't a selling point I don't know what is!  Sign up here! Making Comics: Theory and Practice.

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