A New Year Begins

Classes start today and last week was orientation.  This is my first time seeing the beginning of the new year from the administration side of the University instead of the student side and so far it's been pretty different.

I'm not sure how different our students are this year from last, but they made me laugh a lot during orientation, so I'm hoping that's a good sign!

This comic features a number of Calgary Comic Expo cameos.  In the thrid panel is Chloe and her boyfriend (he was a boy and seemed friendly) Micheal in his Comic Expo mask decorating her shirt.  In the fourth Panel is Emma who was dressed as Cruella deVille at comic expo.  And the fifth panel is Santana....  Sorry that these rentitions of you are probably even worse than the bad portraits I did of you at Comic Expo.  But I did promise they would be bad!

Speaking of new classes if you happen to live in the Calgary Area my new class "Making Comics: Theory and Practice" is being offered through continuing education.  Come on out and make comics with us!


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