Hi everyone,

I had to take a break to rest up and find the funny stuff in life again.  You know how sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed that nothing is amusing?  Well after being sick earlier in the month and trying to catch up at work (like, you know, my paying job) it took me a while to get back into the funny groove.  

But I'm back - I have a four comic mini arc for you right out of the gate and then some more one offs that I think are pretty funny.

The first comic of the mini arc is live now on Patreon.  My patrons are going to get the comics live three days before everyone else, then they will be viewable at Patreon and here at home on the website. 

So if you want to see the comic right now go to Patreon and sign up for as little as one buck a month.  Or wait until Wednesday and see it at our usual place.

See you on Wednesday!


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